Where you can find my ass! (pun intended!) - November 18, 2012

KinkLive.com is by far, the BEST cam studio/website I have EVER EVER been apart or heard of. The commission they give models is higher than any other legitimate cam site, and the staff are GOLDEN. In addition to a very reasonable commission %, they have top quality studios so that girls don’t have to pay for and provide their own sex toy collection, as Kink provides fucking machines, sybians, hitachis, rope, scissors, floggers, paddles, canes, nipple clamps, rubber bands clothespins, dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, as well as super awesome high tech equipment and studio-grade lighting which makes all of us look fucking awesome!

Sadly, there are no KinkLive Studios in Montreal or France where I will be for the larger part of the next year. I have one more trip planned for mid-January (so look out for me on Kink in a couple months!!!).

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That doesn’t mean I am disappearing. To those of you who still want to keep in contact, have sexy fun, or if you never got a chance to play with me via cam but still want to now or in the future….

SKYPE SHOWS for only $2 per min! Email me at sparky@sparkysinclaire.com to arrange an appt. with me. Because of the way I will accept payment (unless I agree to receive it instantly in the form of an amazon gift card (for example), you need to know that I will not do the show before I have seen the payment approved which can take 2-3 days tops. This means you will most likely not be able to email me the day of, pay, and get the cam show that same night. So if you want to jerk off to me gaping my asshole while playing the trombone, you’re going to have to plan just a little bit ahead. 

However, if you REAALLLLY need to blow your load and you’d like me to assist, I’ll usually be happy to accept payment in amazon gift card form.

IN ADDITION! to personal skype shows, which is my personal preferance, as it’s way more intimate, no rules, people watching us (unless you want people to 😉 )…..



I will be camming on Streamate.com for only $3.50 a min! Blocks of 30 min or an hr also will get a discount.

I will be setting up a schedule when I arrive to Montreal, probably on Wednesday, and will be camming for 3 hours shifts at least 3 nights a week. If you can’t make any of the times but want to, shoot me an email at sparky@sparkysinclaire.com and I will be happy to accomodate you!

That’s not all though!!!! If you’d like to see me with my cute girlfriends or even watch me get fucked by a really nice beautiful big cock, I’d be happy to arrange that for you.

Also – I love to please you guys… it makes my job more fun… to be doing things that get you guys excited! So in the words of Jerry Maguire, “HELP ME HELP YOU!” If you want to see me wear something that really turns you on, or use a toy I don’t have…. TELL ME! I can either get it on my own, or if you have class, you’ll gift me any items or clothing you want to see and I’ll be sure to wear/use/whatever it just for you sweet cheeks!

Also, I have gotten much better at interacting with my fans, and I’ve come to find that it isn’t work, tedious, or aggravating at all! That’s probably because the fans I have that PAY for my porn, TAKE ME PRIVATE in my cam shows, SEND PRESENTS to show appreciation, or even just write me a message that is ACTUALLY SINCERE AND GENUINE are fucking awesome, unique, incredible people. So many of them I would even love to meet and am so blessed to at least feel their support and presence via world wide web. So – if you wanna say hi, don’t be scared. If you’re not a douchebag, or just message me over and over saying “hi bb” “lets fuck bb”  “wanna see my dick bb” etc etc… I’ll probably answer back!

OK! On my way to my last KinkLive show  for awhile. Jesus mother fucking christ, I am going to miss the shit out of you who don’t say hi to me on my other venues…. If you’re going to be loyal, then be loyal with me the person, not the studio. However, I will say, if I am ever in LA or SF, the only cam site I will be on is KinkLive.com.

Gros Bisous (Big Kisses!)


Sparky McSparklepants

Screenshots taken by the LOVELY and EXQUISITE VanessOrtizzzzzz from my 2nd to last cam show on KinkLive.com:


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