Are we really overweight or are us woman just fucking insane? - May 25, 2013

For some reason my goddamned “Home Shared” application isn’t working properly, because when I turn the option on my iPad to access “Free Bird’s Library”, the name of my iTunes account on my laptop, only like 20 albums of hundreds show up.

Music is IMPERATIVE for my camming enjoyment. It 100% makes or breaks the mood. This is proved when I’m fucking my ass in a show and my 300 song playlist on shuffle starts to play Billy Joel’s The Entertainer, and the guy jerking off types the ultimatum of me changing the song immediately or him leaving in horror.

So all my subscriptions of all the online music apps that are available in Canada are expired. WHY THE FUCK DOESN’T CANADA HAVE PANDORA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I never appreciated the value of pandora until I moved to Canada. One of the first things I do whenever I am back in the states is re-download pandora. I re-download it because when I’m in Canada and I see the P icon, I get fucking pissed I can’t use it so I fucking delete it.

That was a longwinded way of saying I was googling how much deezer was (I don’t mind paying a reasonable fee for a service I enjoy using, just like I don’t mind paying for music, supporting a good cause, participating in capitalism in the good way, etc.) and as I was typing “how much…. (is deezer)” the incidentally commonly searched phrase “how much should I weigh?” popped up.

It occurred to me I have never known whether I was an appropriate weight or not, and how I would even find out that information. Especially since I am overly critical of my body. I generalized the topic of this post because of all the people in the world I know, I’d guess 95% of my female friends have put their body down on several occasions and a generous 5% of males I’ve known have made a derogatory comment about theirs.

I know female performers in porn who have turned down work because they felt fat. I know women who don’t go out because they feel fat. I know a lot of women, including myself, who have done insane things because of the way they felt about their body.

So I found that it is very easy to calculate whether or not you are at an appropriate weight according to your height & weight. Obviously this is not the end all peace of mind answer to whether you should love your body or not. Everyone’s body is at where it’s at, so accepting that no matter the health or physical attractiveness indications, is the first step. And yes, while I may be at an appropriate weight, it certainly doesn’t necessarily make me happy with the way I look or determine whether I am healthy…. BUT I know that it did make me feel less out of control of my body and feel better about the state I’m in now.

Here’s how you do it…. Try it! You may be surprised with the results. Or at least it may help you gauge where to start if you feel you do need to do something about your weight, body image, physical health, emotional health, etc.

I’ll use my actual height and weight to show you the math.

Because the scales in Canada are in kilograms, I don’t need to convert this. But if you are in the states and weigh in pounds, then google convert however much you weigh in pounds to kilograms. The same goes for your height which you will need to convert from feet/inches to meters.

I weigh 57 kilograms = 127lbs. I am 5’3″ = 1.6 meters.

BMI (Body Mass Index), which is what determines whether you are at an approppriate weight, is found by dividing your weight in kg by the square of your height in meters.

To get the square of my height, so I know how much 57 is divided by, I multiply my height, 1.6 by the same number, 1.6, which equals 2.57. Then I divide my weight, 57kg by the square of my height, 2.57m, which equals my BMI, 22.18.

According to the medical website I was on, If your BMI is under 18, you are underweight. If your BMI is in between 18 & 25, you are at a normal weight, and if your BMI is in between 25 & 30, you’re classified as obese.

Hope this helped, in whatever way it may have.


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