NSFW Holy Ship! Photos - January 14, 2012

Somewhat tragically I did not have it together enough to pre-empt the Holy Ship! cruise by getting my ass to the verizon store to try and fix my horribly working R2D2 Droid (should have read the reviews, but I was just too damn excited about being the cool kid with the limited ed. R2 phone)… however it’s broken, I’m not sure… but it won’t let me save pictures. My ipod is still in Montgomery, Alabama. I still need to send my friend the $20 or whatever it’ll be to have it shipped here. That would be an easy thing to do… I should just get that done tomorrow. And then I have a Nikon digital camera that stopped charging only 6 months after getting it. I had it sent in… Best Buy had it weeks later… I picked it up… It still wouldn’t charge.

I did however, right before boarding the ship, stop in the little gift store at the Sheraton for some disposable cameras. They didn’t have any disposable cameras, but they did, on the very top shelf, in aged yellow-tinted plastic, two ancient Kodak cameras. One from 1992, a panaramic, and one from 1994, a focus-free. They both came with the film also from the early 90’s. Pretty excited to see how the film turned out. REALLY hoping that no matter how discolored, they come out. There was some pretty special shots in there.

However! I did land upon these NSFW photos taken with Proxy Paige’s camera. Hey… I was on a private beach in the bahamas… You really expect any of these to be safe enough for facebook?

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My Best Friend Takes Photos - November 5, 2011

For the past couple months, after moving back to Los Angeles from the Bay Area, I’ve had the pleasure of taking up room & board with one of my very best and dear friends Nate Liquor.

Times have been tough. I think times have been tough for a lot of people. On this particular day, I think we were both sorta down, maybe Nate more than me, like I said on this particular day. We always talked about taking pictures and just fucking around but never really got the motivation to follow through.

You know how sometimes you just know that if you force someone close to you to do something they really think they don’t want to do, that they’ll end up feeling better after?

I knew Nate didn’t want to take pictures, and especially something fake and contrived. Sometimes you’re tired of making something out of nothing. And every set of photos we’ve taken together has been somewhat planned for. This time was different. I pleaded, “Pretttty please??? I don’t want to take “professional” photos! Just come sit on the roof with me and take pictures of me for shits & giggles.”

“…do it for me?” I knew he couldn’t refuse this request. We both shuffled up the stairs onto the roof of our loft downtown. It just so happened to be sunset. I brought up a bag with my tutus. I love wearing them. We both felt better after. And I loved how these turned out. No editing. Just us on the rooftop. Me & my best friend.

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