GUESS MY BIRTHING DATE CONTEST!!!!! - February 2, 2014


My family and I decided it would be a fun game to make a game out of guessing the date I’ll end up giving birth on as well as the day of the week. So I thought I would include all of you in on it too.

You guys have seen me go through the whole process of finding out I was pregnant, to now 9 months later, finally approaching the big day!

So here’s the deal:

I’ve spent all my money preparing for the baby and after I give birth will be left with a wardrobe of maternity clothes and pre-preggo clothes that will take me months of hard work to fit back into.

With the passing of my father a few days ago, I no longer have insurance as I was on his. This leaves me with picking up the bill for the remaining few doctor’s appt. I have, as well as labor and delivery fees which can be astronomical.

These gift certificates will help me SO MUCH be able to afford some new clothes that fit after the baby is born. This will really help me feel so much more comfortable as I’m rediscovering my body after pregnancy. Having clothes that fit well and are comfortable is so important for a new mother’s self-esteem. Now I have boobs and I actually need to buy bras!

If you WIN! you will get a skype show with the length depending on the amount of the gift certificate you purchased. I will also send you a personalized thank you card signed by yours truly.

To enter the contest, I will accept gift certificate/email codes for amounts of $25, $50, $75 & $100.
If you’d like to guess two dates, two gift certificates will need to be purchased.

$25 – 10 min.
$50 – 20 min.
$75 – 30 min.
$100 – 40 min


I will accept gift certificates for $75 (prize of 30 min. Skype) & $100 (prize of a 40 min Skype).

Send the gift certificate code to the following email: . After you’ve done this, email me and let me know what date you think I will give birth or the day of the week, and ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING!!!! It will be sometime in February!

I will accept gift certificates from the following places:

TO ANYONE WHO PARTICIPATES regardless of whether you win, will get a 5 min. skype chat with me and a personalized THANK YOU card signed by me :).


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