Pictures from 16 yr old film! - June 19, 2013

My phone was being really shitty at the time and wasn’t able to take/save anymore pictures (later found out it wasn’t the phone, just the SD card I ended up replacing for like $10). Oh how simple things are sometimes, and how oh so complicated the brain irrationally makes you believe they are. Anyway, I went to buy a disposable camera in the hotel that most of the passengers of the first Holy Ship were staying at the night before boarding. But there were none to be sold. Only two cameras, a 110mm panaramic kodak and a 135mm kodak w/ flash, each with a roll of film in yellow decrepit packaging. Not because bad handling… but yellowed purely by age as the panaramic was from 1992, (consequently that roll was sent back unable to be developed due to outdated film) and the other “reg” 135mm film that was only 16 years old as opposed to other’s 21 year old film… and I picked that up today. 19 of the 34 came out and I thought that I had a lot of luck with the photos. Some were distorted in color or looked cut off with the 1/4 of another photo but I was hoping that would happen. I like the unpredictability of old age. It’s an added exciting element to the whole film developing, non-digital, non-instant gratification process.


Image001_N1 Image003_N3 Image014_N14

Image000_N0 Image002_N2 Image004_N4

     Image005_N5 Image006_N6 Image007_N7 Image012_N12 Image013_N13 Image009_N9  Image010_N10 Image015_N15 Image016_N16 Image011_N11 Image017_N17 Image018_N18

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Evolution of my Wifey & I Since We First Met! - June 17, 2013

Thought these turned out so interesting. I really see how much I’ve changed when I put the pictures next to each other!



















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Prof creepin on me, creepin on him. - June 12, 2013

Miss this guy & his partner in crime Fundo Butthead McGee! They are good people.

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